What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

I had a fire in my home and SERVPRO came in and spent almost 2 weeks cleaning. They did an amazing job. House smells like new. They were so thorough and professional! I felt uneasy having to hand my home over to strangers...but when they handed me 2 bags of money that they found in my daughters purse and randomly throughout my house my mind was at ease. They are a very trustworthy company! I highly recommend them!

I was nervous at first about total strangers sifting through all of my belongings, but Keith and his team were very professional and were able to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Keith was easy to get in touch with and was willing to answer my MANY questions along the way. I would highly recommend them! Their work is honest and quality.

The team that worked on our house were prompt, professional, and nice.  Thank you for helping us through this situation.  Thank you!

When we met with the team they explained "The Process" fire claims follow and restoration.  We joked with them about "The Process", however, they followed the process and work plan and it worked like explained.  We were very happy with service and their understanding of how to approach our situation.  We would refer them or use them again in time of need.  Good guys!

Great company with excellent customer service they really helped us out during our emergency!  I would highly recommend them.

Unfortunately we had an electrical fire in our home that caused a lot of damage.  These guys were fantastic…  They arrived on site explained everything clearly worked with our insurance company and organized everything.  One special note was that in the process of cleaning and inventory they notified us that a child’s purse was restored and it had money in it.  They returned the purse cleaned and with our daughter’s birthday money in it to the penny (we never told them how much was in it either).  So yep I would trust them with our home and belongings if service is needed again.  Thank you!

The crew clearly explained everything they were doing and kept me informed throughout the process.  Thank you!

Great company with excellent customer service from Keith. I would highly recommend them