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Apartment Complex in Camden, New Jersey

This apartment complex in Camden New Jersey had a roof leak for a couple months which then turned into mold. The property manager luckily called SERVPRO of Moun... READ MORE

Roof Leak in South Jersey Warehouse

This South Jersey warehouse had a roof leak and did not want to shut their business down. This business decided to call the commercial water loss experts SERVPR... READ MORE

Basement Flooding After Rain Storm In Haddon Heights Home

After a rain storm that lasted a day hit this Haddon Heights home their basement had flooded and they were worried about their basement. That is when they calle... READ MORE

Mold Caused By Leak In Foundation

This home had a crack in the foundation that was letting small amounts of water into their basement they noticed a musty smell in their basement and called SERV... READ MORE

Mold Growth In Camden, New Jersey Home

This Camden, New Jersey home had mold growth from a bathroom overflow from the room above. SERVPRO was able to contain the mold and stop further growth. The hom... READ MORE

Flooded Basement After Rain Storm

After a rain storm hit this South Jersey home the homeowner was worried about his insurance coverage and what would happen to his basement. SERVPRO works with m... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire In Monroeville, New Jersey

This home owner was trying to cook a chicken on the stove top they then left to go play their kids outside when they returned they realized that the stove malfu... READ MORE

Broken Sprinkler Head at Penn Medicine In Woodbury Heights

At this Penn Medicine in Woodbury Heights a sprinkler head broke after a cold day and the property manager was worried that they would not be able to open for b... READ MORE

Soot Webs In Gloucester City Home

This home in Gloucester City had an electrical fire in the laundry room which then spread to the living room. As you can see from the picture the black web is s... READ MORE

Electrical Fire In Gloucester City, New Jersey

This Home in Gloucester City, New Jersey had an electrical fire that smoked out the entire house and the fire department even had to be called. The home owner w... READ MORE